View Full Version : The Dahlia Experience

10-15-2009, 10:58 AM
Because of the "computerized election system" that will be implemented by the COMELEC come May National Election, we are all enjoined to validate our registration with the agency. I was never aware of this validation thingy not until my mother told me to do so when I went home last week to grace our annual fiesta celebration.

Warren and I went to the office last Monday, October 12, 2009 before going back to our respective destinations (Warren is currently based in Tacloban City and yours truly in Cebu City). We went there at around 2 pm to make sure that there'll be "somebody" in the office to entertain us. There were about five or six of us there. We were entertained with humor by Vic Ochondra. But there was this woman named Dahlia Mendoza whom I didn't know personally but is gutsy enough to order commands in RUDE manner. Warren described her way of giving us commands as "something without an eye-contact" that made us wonder to whom was those commands for.

" Ihatag na gud ini nga mga papel ha iya (referring to Vic Ochondra)". It seems that she's not talking to me but to anybodyelse inside the office. He repeated again his command to have the papers be passed to Mr. Ochondra and this time handed the papers without looking at me. I, having no choice at all, passed the papers to Mr. Ochondra. Another batch of papers were handed to me and were passed to Mr. Ochondra. She then ordered Warren to turn on the lights even if it is too bright at 2 pm. Warren have the same reaction with mine that it's as if Dahlia is talking to somebodyelse and not to him. I just told Warren to follow the order of the "monster". But the bad thing is that she gave us those orders with "authority" but without respect.

I am still contemplating why our municipality's election assistant, Dahlia Mendoza, is GUTSY enough to treat us that way. Is it really hard to say PLEASE, PALIHUG or ALAYON? Or she's just playing around or in "power trip" mode. But OMG, we (the public) are there in the office not to be humiliated but just to have our election registration be validated. Dahlia Mendoza, be professional enough to treat your clients---the Cabucgayanons. If you're not happy with your job, resign and have somebody better replace your post.