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Michael Colico Garcia
03-14-2011, 12:10 PM
Source: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/business/2011/03/07/tech-firm-reports-producing-millionaires-through-loading-143635
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V-Mobile Technologies Inc. on Monday reported producing 14 millionaires since it started operation in 2003 of its subscriber-based telecommunications digital loading called Load Extreme.
V-Mobile president and chief executive officer (CEO) Ismael Bengco said they project to produce 150 millionaires from those who joined them. He said the company has 330,000 member-subscribers.

He said their millionaires include an enterprising student and a housewife.The company said it has a stable financial partner, PentaCapital Management Corp., which is a subsidiary of PentaCapital Investment Corp. He said the group is growing at the rate of one subscriber every 1 and 1/2 minute.
Members of the c
ompany sell more than 300 products under Load Extreme, including cellular phone loads and credits for computer and online games as well as satellite TV.
“We were the first to create the universal pre-paid loading system. Once a cellular phone is loaded, it has access to all telecommunications networks including prepaid system,” Bengco said.
He said digital loading under Load Extreme has a great advantage compared to the traditional sale of prepaid cards at P50, P100, P300 an
d P500. He said that selling cards would require a large capital.
Under the traditional prepaid card system, if a dealer want to access 10 networks, he has to produce a capital of at least P95,000.
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