View Full Version : Gun ban in Mindanao?

08-21-2007, 02:03 PM
The Manila Standard Today
By Roy Pelovello

SENATOR Francis Escudero yesterday proposed the strict enforcement of the firearms control law in Mindanao as well as a total gun ban in certain areas where armed conflicts erupted recently.

Escudero’s proposal could provoke a howl of protest among many Mindanaoans, particularly in many areas of the province where carrying a gun is as natural as wearing a hat.

Likewise, Escudero called for a probe of officials who are suspected of complicity with the Al Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf Group as well as other armed Muslim insurgents.

In a statement, Escudero stressed that since the government had decided to unleash the military in Mindanao, which has already cost lives and displaced thousands of residents, the government should seek a tangible and lasting result.

Since the July 10 ambush that cost the lives of 14 Marines, government troops have hounded the Abu Sayyaf whose members are accused of beheading 10 of the slain soldiers.

Last Saturday, 15 more Marines were killed in an encounter with ASG. A week before that, 27 Army soldiers and 32 Abu Sayyaf gunmen were killed in separate clashes on Jolo island.

“With the loss of many lives and displacement of thousands of civilians, in the ongoing conflict in Mindanao, the administration better make sure that this will lead to tangible and lasting results,” Escudero said.

He noted that while the administration in the past have claimed to have “finally licked” the ASG and other lawless elements, the same problem eventually comes back to haunt the government.

Escudero said the administration should not only tell the people “the real score” but more importantly, try to find a long-lasting and permanent solution to the problem, not merely “band-aid” solutions.

“One such solution is to enforce all laws regarding the carrying of firearms in Mindanao and to implement a total gun ban in affected areas and not only when a problem arises,” Escudero said.

“And another is investigate thoroughly all government officials, elected or appointed for complicity with the enemy however close they may be to the administration party.”

Likewise, the neophyte senator said the government should sack “incompetent and disloyal officers in the military, if there is any.”

But Escudero stressed that in the offensive against the Abu Sayyaf, the government should take extra effort not to affect so much the lives and convenience of civilians in the areas covered by the offensive.


Authorities need to exhume all houses in mindanao or conduct mindanao wide inspection of guns those with permits, tsk tsk tsk it will take years to do it. First and foremost, the government should have the guts to dismantle the private armies before going to issue gun ban. How about in Luzon in abra why our government unable to get rid of private armies children at 6 years old carrying an AK 47.:eek: