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10-15-2007, 08:49 PM
Why can’t Mike Arroyo attend the Senate hearing on the ZTE deal?

Is he a material witness? Yes. Joey de Venecia has accused him of being involved in the deal, indeed of being its main backer, even ordering him to “back off” when he started raising questions about it, with a view to pushing his (and his father’s) own deal. Arroyo, of course, denied it. How could he have said something like that to someone he didn’t even know? He told reporters at the airport upon coming back from a trip to Hong Kong. That point could easily be cleared up, along with a few other things, in the hearing.

Is he fit to attend the hearing? Well, his cardiologists at St. Luke’s say he isn’t; the hearing might put a severe strain on his constitution. Alan Peter Cayetano and other senators say they might not summon him in light of this.

But here’s the thing that puzzles me. Between flying to Hong Kong (some say he went well past it) and appearing in the Senate, surely it’s a tossup which one puts a more severe strain on a ravaged constitution. If a battery of doctors can accompany him on his trips abroad to make sure nothing untoward happens to him, surely a battery of doctors can accompany him on his trip just beyond the CCP Complex to make sure the nation can continue to toast to his health and happiness for years to come.

But still more than that, why should appearing in the Senate hearing pose a threat to health? As far as I know, the polygraph test, also called the lie detector test, functions this way: The people who administer it know you are lying when you show signs of anxiety over certain questions, as physically indicated by faster heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, nervousness, etc. That is why when people think you have something to hide; they ask you if you are willing to take a lie detector test. The hope is that you fail the lie detector test if you are lying, or at least that it gives you some sleepless nights to go with your guilt.

But which is also why, if you have nothing to hide, you say “sure” to the invitation. You have nothing to hide, you are telling the truth, and you will breeze through a polygraph test. A Senate hearing is far more benign than a polygraph test- in theory at least; it does not presume you guilty until proven innocent. If the First Gentleman has nothing to hide, if he is telling the truth, why on earth should appearing in the Senate threaten his health? If he isn’t, well he can always take his cue from Norberto Gonzales and quite healthily chomp on a banana.

As far as I know, there is one thing that guarantees health: a clean conscience.

10-16-2007, 11:02 AM
When you are in power many will come to you to ask for favor, many will ask for a chance, many will use you for their own benefits, many will come to you and influence you in exchange for a favor specially if he or she is your friend or a member of your family. These things can't be avoided, however if we choose to be righteous these things will never happened. In the case of Mr. Arroyo, he should attend and defend himself if he has nothing to do about it even if his health is at stake. Not only him but people who are not part of the game should be also questioned like the case of Mr. Abalos, he is a comelec chairman but what a heck why he was in the hot seat. Maybe our Government has to do something about implementing proper bidding procedure so that these anomalies may rest at bay.