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11-28-2007, 12:24 AM
How do most Pinoys earn money online? Let us count the ways.

1. Google Adsense, etc.
The most basic way to monetize a site is to have advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Bidvertiser, and AdBrite, among others, serve ads to your site. You add a simple code snippet provided by these networks to your site and when visitors click on the ad units, you get paid. Know the basics of Adsense in the Google Adsense thread or share how much you are earning from it by posting in the Google Adsense Earnings Survey thread.

2. Selling Ad Space
Some Filipino webmasters offer customized packages and lease space directly to advertisers. You need to have fresh, valuable content and a consistent amount of high traffic, though, in order to attract advertisers.
Most of the time, Pinoy publishers merely join ad networks where they can sell ad space. Upon signing up, these networks usually provide links that are to be posted in the blog or site in order to receive payment. A few examples of these networks include Blog to Profit, Money4Blogs, Chitika, Crisp Ads, grokAds, Tagword, and Text Link Ads.

3. Paid Blogging
Rather than write mushy, self-centric, or showbiz-crazed stuff, a few Pinoy writer-bloggers use their creative juices to publish short reviews of a product, website, or service. Of course, they get paid in the process. Two of the popular sites where you can become a paid blogger are ReviewMe and PayPerPost.

4. Paid Outsourced Service (Content writing, programming, web design, SEO services)
Several Filipinos hang out in sites like Rent-a-Coder, Scriptlance, Getafreelancer, and eLance to offer programming, content writing, web design, or search engine optimization (SEO) services for a fee. Competition among fellow for-hires, though, is tough but once a good reputation is built, clients will ultimately follow. Learn how some PMT members are successfully earning as home-based freelancers in the Freelancers and Home-Based Workers board in the forum.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Sell someone else's products and earn commissions for every lead or sale. A few have found luck earning regular income as affiliates of Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareaSale, and previously Clickbank (Clickbank recently stopped accepting Filipinos as affiliates; click here to help petition Clickbank to allow Philippine affiliates again). Discuss strategies with other Pinoy affiliate marketers in the Internet and Affiliate Marketing board.

6. Online Selling

The bustling activity in eBay.ph, Auction.ph and Bidshot.com is a testament to the growing number of Filipino sellers. Sell your stuff by posting in eBay, transforming a Multiply account into an online shop, or setting up a full-fledged e-commerce site. Drop by the Online Auctions, Selling and Dropshipping board for more stories of Pinoys in the online selling arena.

7. HYIP and Autosurf Investing
If you are the gambler type, "investing" in autosurf or high yield investment programs (HYIP) might be for you. For a short period of time, you can earn double, triple, or even 10,000 times your principal without doing anything or, at the most, "autosurfing" other people's websites. Beware, though, because 99% of these online "investment" programs are scams.

8. Get-paid-to (GPT) Programs
Not a lot of income can be expected here, but absolutely no cash outlay is needed either. Earn a few cents after several minutes (sometimes hours) of clicking links and reading advertisement emails. To meet fellow GPTers, go to the Free-to-Join Get-Paid-To Programs or visit the GPT Programs Discussion board to access a list of programs that are currently paying.

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