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  1. pureblood... this is in resp0nse to your message which you sent to me last May. i wasn't able to read it not until today.. i have a lot of friends fyi. and they come from different status in the society. the saying birds of the same feathers flock together is not true all the time. being friends with 'beauty qween' doesn't mean whe share the same opinion and perceptions in life. we may, but not all the time. you get my point? the admin is also a very gud friend of mine. my posts, my opinions and my statements are my own point of view. i am not entitled to what my friends are posting or stating in their posts in this forum. hope you get me. thanks for visiting my profile but i intended not to update it.
  2. you and beauty queen are 'friends'? tsk2x... you do know what they say about birds...flocking together...oh well.
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