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  1. Wowie
    kamingaw sa payag....
  2. Wowie
    Unsa kahay maayo nga tournament?
  3. hummingbird
    thanks for the invite, wowie!
  4. bluedaffodils
    Thanks for the invitation wowie. Sorry, my response was late. My bad. I am excited to be here. Kumusta ninyong tanan!
  5. Europa
    Thank you for the invitation. Its a pleasure Dong Wowie..Sorry for the late response. My container and all my stuff arrive at the port of Singapore on the 14th of January and was deliver to my new home on the 16th.So I dont have computer from 14th till 23rd of January. i have my laptop and I can access sometimes through wireless WIFI but the connection is no good. and frustrating..What happened here? Nag update na pod si Marlon? wala man ang guestbook.
  6. Wowie
    Welcome to the members, im also sorry for not checking this section.

    And yes Maam Europa, Marlon has updated the forum to the latest version.

    Now that it is sorted, lets keep things going through.

    Im planning to make a tournament, so what game(s) should we play?

    Any ideas
  7. Europa
    Hahaha I hope we can play the Age of Empire in the tournament...
  8. Europa
    Or maybe the conquerors
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