Objective Atheist

  1. acpatagnan
    We advocates a society built on the moral principle of individual rights—a society that upholds private property, free markets, and the rule of objective law—in short, a society of laissez-faire capitalism.

    We hold that ideas are the ultimate causes of historical change. Thus, effective political reform requires advocacy based on fundamental ideas, not reliance on tradition or empty slogans.

    We stands for reason and self-interest. This means that man’s rational mind is the only path to knowledge, and each individual has the moral right to use his mind in pursuit of his own rational self-interest and happiness.

    As advocates of capitalism and the deeper philosophical ideas on which it depends, we uphold the individual’s rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. Protection of these individual rights requires a government that is strictly limited to a single function: defending citizens against those who violate rights.

    We call for an end to restrictions on production and trade, elimination of the welfare state, repeal of laws that abridge freedom of speech, complete separation of church and state, and a foreign policy of national self-interest that uncompromisingly defends Philippine freedom.

    We seek a future society in which each individual is left free to think and to act on his own best judgment—in which production and profit are seen as virtuous—and in which government serves as protector of each citizen’s individual rights.
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