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  1. New telecom deal to narrow radio bandwidth

    LOCAL telecom experts have expressed their strong opposition to a joint venture between San Miguel Corp. (SMC) and Telstra, an Australian firm, saying that it will narrow the shared bandwidth on...
  2. Telstra-San Miguel venture a bumpy, costly ride – think tank

    The possible wireless joint venture does not appear to be underpinned by sound analysis of the huge costs as well as logistical and cultural hurdles, according to Creator Tech’s Mackay.

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    Problems With Telstra in the Philippines

    Here is a downfall video from youtube about the service telstra is offering. It's frustrated.
  4. This PLDTMRP is very unpolite way of firing employees who served more than 10 years.

    PLDT can't deny it. They are really getting low in terms of sales. thus they can't handle anymore assets and liabilities. Thus firing many employees could help them saved revenues.

    Well, sa sugod...
  5. Tawn sad sa Bohol oe. Hoy mga PLDT tawn sad mo!

    Grabeha nasad ani oi. Luoya nasad sa Bohol inga anion lang sa mga taga PLDT. Naningkamot na gani ang region para makabangaon. Unsaon kaha pagbangon sa ekonomiya kung kaning PLDT didto puros lang...
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