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  1. Woman claims she found a dead mouse in Starbucks coffee

    A woman puked not because her favorite Starbucks coffee tasted bad but she claimed it contained a disgusting ingredient: a dead mouse.

    The complainant told ABS-CBN News that she ordered coffee at...
  2. Pork siomai not a healthy food, doc explains why

    Pork siomai not a healthy food, doc explains why

    Siomai, the traditional Chinese dumpling many Filipinos love to eat especially during merienda time, is not a healthy food, a doctor said.

  3. Tagaytay car accident: Victims' cover photos reveal their 'final destination'?

    It appears that the Facebook cover photos of the minors who perished in the Tagaytay car accident last Sunday revealed their final destination.


    Screenshots of the FB profiles of five of...
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