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  1. Roger yu for gov?

    The only thing that said man can be proud of is his logistics...During the 2004 elections we were the ones hitting the campaign trail while the man was in his air-conditioned room; we were almost...
  2. Roger Yu For Gov?

    I have nothing personal against the man...But if said person wants to run let him come to BILIRAN and help rid of the thrashes and not come when we have already cleaned our backyard of the...
  3. U'r Welcome Shanebo

    Hi Shanebo!

    U'r Welcome! It's one pro bono work....
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    Sleep Sa Pansitan

    The spate of robbery and murder incidents in our province only tell us one thing "THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE OF THIS PROVINCE IS INUTILE, INEPT, INEFFICIENT, AND HAS COMPROMISED THE SAFETY OF THE...
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    Hi Tweet5,

    Its NBD...We Filipinos are brought up with the fixation of an intact hymen..whew..that a woman who engages in PMS is dirty...that should not be the case...If we are to remain in that...
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    Sticky: Ila Ila Ta

    Manresa here...Maybe I can help answer some questions to your legal problems...Likewise, I can be your friend...
  7. legal bind

    hi erik,

    Generally, only filipinos are allowed by law to acquire lands in the Philippines, be it by purchase, transfer or assignment. An exception to the rule is through hereditary succession. ...
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