Thread: How to improve English grammar without reading grammar book?

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    bitaw basta masabtan lng ang imong gisulti...why bother with the grammar di ba? si idol manny pacquiao bitaw lupig man si Inday pag abot na sa english..dugo jud ilong ni inday!hahahaha...

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    Amo ngani it urosahon ha aton kaurogan nga mga Pilipino, pag may mga iningles na ngani mesmerized na kita pamati. Igin kakaawod na naton an aton dialect. Ha bug-os nga kalibutan kilala an mga Pilipino nga makarit mag iningles pero why is it nga an Pilipinas third world country la gihapon. I've been to Japan and stayed there for 1 year, kaurogan han mga tawo nga naka-inter act ko dire maaram mag iningles pero damo it "lapad". Kay ano daw kasugad? Makarit an Pilipino mag iningles pero pobre man.

    The Philippine Constitution provides: "Sec 7. For purposes of communication and instruction, the official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and, unless otherwise provided by law, English." (Sec 7, Art. XIV 1987 Constitution). It is crystal-clear that as a medium of instruction and communication, Filipino - wether we like it or not - has precedence over English. In fact, English will remain as a medium only for as long as the law so wishes. No statutory legislation, even if initiated by so many congressmen, may alter the priority position of Filipino over English as a medium of instruction in Philippine schools.

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