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    hi all!
    yesterday i went to a meeting held by a well known local buisness woman and her friend. they claimed to have a new way of connecting to the internet at 2mbps!!!!

    of course i was interested... so i went.

    on offer was a motorola L6i internet package. the demonstration showed how you could connect through SMART....

    the price: 16,000p

    this is what we were told:

    *the 'new' system was ONLY workable with that package. no other phone would work. not nokia, not any other phoine- only the one they were selling!
    *it was alot faster than SMART-BRO
    *speed was dictated by signal strength
    *the phone was not available without the package...

    included in the package was:
    1x motorola L6i cell phone with 1month warranty
    1x download cable (USB)
    1x program (mobile phone tools) downloaded to your computer from thier C.D. (a copied C.D. (burnt)- not even the origional!
    oh, and you get a charger!

    well i do know about these things... i am writing this message on the laptop connected via my 6230i nokia through smart. it costs 10p every 30 mins. its slow but its very comfortable being at home and not in town...

    its only fair i should WARN you fine people that if you take this offer you may be conned. a motorola L6i is only 4,300p on e-bay philippines- maybe 6,000p locally. this equates to these people charging you at least 10,000p just for showing you how to connect!

    well ill tell you how to connect (if you dont already know) FOR FREE!!!!

    if your phone has GPRS you can connect.
    to test this or turn it on (on a nokia) just type in model number etc as follows. for example my phone is a 6230i, i type in: set gprs n6230i then i send it to 211. please bear in mind i do this through 'smart'. i dont know about globe. then settings will be sent to you..follow the instructions.

    you will also need to download (for nokia) 'nokia pc suite' on to your computer off the net. i think motorola has 'mobile phone tools'...

    i have a few cheap cell phones im selling with bluetooth,video, gprs, 3g (3g isnt available in Naval yet) . if anyones in need of connecting through your cell phone i can locate a download cable and will burn a CD for you of the program you will need to connect with.... this will come with the phone.
    and i wont charge you even 1 centavo to show you how to do this! the phones are all in 'near new' condition and some have cd's & headphones. i have a v3x, 6230i, 3220,samsung (3g) z140, and a couple more... all cheap with warranty... just phone myself or my wife Em on 09159456437... we live near Naval...

    download cables for nokias are about 300p from Tacloban, or you can connect via bluetooth 'dongle' - these are about 280p in cebu. the dongle eliminates the need for a cable . also you can swap phones and use the same dongle.

    so i hope this info helps people... get online from home!!!!

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    ohhh i forgot... you dont even need the computer to check emails or even browse the net, you can connect just using the GPRS service your provider offers....

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