Graduation fever is on! But how much do we know about graduation? Here are some interesting facts.

1. The graduation ceremony is a cultural tradition termed as a “rite of passage.” It dates back to the 12th century when scholastic monks wore their ceremonial robes and has evolved to fit the society in which it is celebrated ever since.

2. Baccalaureate is the degree of Bachelor conferred upon graduates. Its ceremony recognizes the achievements of those who truly studied.

3. Commencement is that part when the graduates receive their diplomas, walk across the stage, flip the tassels on their hats upon receiving their degrees, and handshake.

4. The valediction is the speech delivered by the graduate with the highest scholastic standing. The speech usually expresses the ups and downs the students have gone through and provides a youthful insight of a hopeful future. It also has some color of gratitude, commitment and perseverance.

5. The ring manifests the pride of the school and the diploma. Many people see the ring as a symbol of their entrance into the world of adulthood, as a good luck charm, or a show of worthiness of belonging to some group.

6. The diploma is made of sheepskin and shows one’s education. In some schools today, the tradition of a rolled diploma is already junked. They give out the diploma in a leather binder or in an envelop.

7. Tossing of the graduation hat is a tradition signaling the end of the ceremonies. The flight of the hat symbolizes the flight of the graduates to whatever that awaits them.

Graduation time may be a solemn occasion or a joyous celebration. Whatever it is you feel about it, just do it.