An eye's glimpse of serene majesty...
I lay asleep in my bed,
While my mind is in a thousands of thoughts away...
Away in dreams...

Placid escape from reality's turmoil guise...
Only blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds,
Soft little fluttering butterflies,
And a ocean of flowing wild grasses playing around my body.

I lay there on my back,
With soft eyes,
Staring at the sky,
Filled with wonderment of the big blue ocean sky.

A world away from sorrow.
In dreams,
All things are possible.
Except in one dream...
As a dreamer,
A lover,
An image of imagination,
Brought forth my search,
The search for you my love,
My true love...

One night of dreams,
Turns into one day tears.
But I do not cry,
When I go to sleep at night.

One exceptional night,
A dream of beautiful power came to me...
Such power,
My soul was warmed as if I was sitting by a hearth of warm gentle flames.

I felt the energy pulse through my soul...
Going faster and faster till...
Till I saw you...
Dancing in my dreams,
With beautiful locks of flowing roses...
Standing a distance from me,
Just out of my reach,
Coming to me,
But I never could reach you...

Reaching harder to touch your soft skin,
Till I awake,
With a new warmth in my soul,
I sigh...
Was it only a dream?
Or was it real?
I hope I see you again in my life.