Thread: Is it ok to make friends with your Ex lover?

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    i'm back again..,
    ahm.,normal lang ba?,,uu naman normal lang maging friends ang iyong mga ex. of course may pinagsamahan din kayo at aside from the sad moments na pinagsaluhan niyo, meron din namang mga funny and good old days.,hehe
    so ukie lang na maging friend mo ang iyong ex kaysa sa maging enemy mo pa.
    hindi rin naman kasi maganda ang mag tanim ka nang galit o tampo sa iba diba?
    ang sarili mo lang ang pinahihirapan mo nun! so y not just enjoy life and whatever ur experiences are. learn from it.

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    thanks guys for all your opinions, i really appreciate it... anyways... we're friends na..hehehe... i guess he can't help it, siya nagparamdam first and i just kinda responded... we're texting like the old times... hay what a life!

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