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    Do you know that you can earn as much as $1,000 per person you refer to PayPal?

    Under PayPal’s Merchant Referral Bonus Program, you are eligible to receive a portion of the transaction amounts of people you referred to PayPal.
    Once your Referred Merchant has used PayPal to receive a total of $200.00, you immediately receive an initial bonus of $1.00.

    In addition, you will get 0.5% of the total amount of their payments for 12 months, up to $1,000.

    In order to receive the Bonus, your Referred Merchant must: (1) sign up for a PayPal Business or Premier Account through your link; (2) become a verified user; and (3) not already have a PayPal Personal, Business, or Premier account at the time of the referral.
    Tell your friends to open a PayPal account now so you can be entitled for Merchant Referral Bonuses just like below.

    How do you start referring new users to PayPal?
    First, log in to your PayPal account and click the “Referrals” link at the menu at the very bottom. In the next page you’ll find your referral link and banners you can use to promote your link.

    Blog or write about PayPal and your experiences using it. Tell people the good and bad things about PayPal. What is it that you like? What sucks? You can also give them tips on how to better use PayPal or ways to earn money with it.

    Of course, in each of those posts, don’t forget to include your PayPal referral link! Happy earning!
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