1. Why would Deputy Executive Secretary Manuel Gaite, give Php500,000.00 - money which he was going to use to renovate his house and which he borrowed from his relatives – to a complete stranger? No collateral, no repayment scheme. Was he being awfully Good Samaritan, or was he participating in a cover-up? Prior to Gaite’s testimony, Sen. Joker Arroyo spoke highly of Gaite’s family and their religiosity.

2. If the idea of providing security for Engr. Lozada was in order to protect him, why was he given a Tour of Southher Luzon by a disorganized security team that did not seem to know what were the threats facing their man?

3. If the idea was to help him avoid testifying in the Senate – wouldn’t this called obstruction of justice? This appears to be similar to the case of Joc-joc Bolante who was summoned by the Senate to testify on the missing Php728 million fertilizer funds. Instead, Bolante was allowed to leave the country, thus avoiding the Senate inquiry which for Beyond is just a waste of time.

4. Now we read that all sorts of charges are being made against Engr. Lozada. In his own colorful language, only his dog has not been charged so far. Engr. Lozada's sins, they're "venial" in comparison to GMA's. Which is more deadly: Lozada's adultery of GMA's plundering of the country and people's resources? Yes, Lozada was a sinner and so is Chavit Singson, but shouldn’t we take some action against those in government who appears to be engaged in a cover-up? We mustn’t leave things entirely to lawyers. Sometimes it is better to listen to the heart.