Thread: Why does it hurt seeing your former lover?

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    ...hi justt naa pa diay ka ana?? abi na ko ug waa na he he he, anywaysss,,,,

    .. mauna na tingali ang gitawag nga fisrt love never dies,,,and difinitely makalimot man ka ana just to think and focus your mind and attention to the present situation,, kumbaga your past is just like your dreams.. di ba..those hapy moments and evrything.. nakaraan na yun and time for you to move on.. and maybe its not the right person for you to choose..cheer up....

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    why does it hurts?

    it hurts because you still can't accept the fact that the person you have intrusted your love and faith will just be gone and be in the hands of others..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    It depends mare. Why? case to case, if ever you are separated or broke up with him due to no reasons at all and its all about faults then seeing him again will be sad point. Now, if ever you are separated because of good fate, for the benefit both of you and to the people around both of you, then seeing him again will be an excitement... o diba aminin.
    hahaha...excitement ka jan pare... im not hoping...only God knows if we're really meant for each other... anyway life must go on...

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