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    We will be moving to a new version of vbulletin (3.7).. this is because there is a recently-discovered CSRF (cross-site request forgery) vulnerability in vBulletin..

    The vulnerability potentially allows an administrator to be lured to a third party site that could submit a form on their behalf and without their knowledge, with the potential to damage the forum of which the targeted person is an administrator. Actions performed within the Admin Control Panel are NOT vulnerable to this attack vector and are unaffected by the CSRF vulnerability.

    new features of this forum..
    Inline spam management & prevention
    Thread tagging
    Search cloud / tag cloud
    Thread prefixes
    Reciprocal friendships between users
    Public visitor messaging on profile pages with 'conversation' feature
    User picture galleries with user comment facility
    User-created social groups with invite only and moderated membership options
    Extended member profile pages
    Customizable member profile pages with admin-controlled styling abilities
    Inline editing of custom user profile fields
    Lightbox viewer for attached images
    Viewable and comparable history maintained for post edits
    Extended re-authentication for inline moderation actions
    Notices system for navigation bar
    Multiple human-verification systems including reCAPTCHA, image verification and Q/A
    User change history
    Social bookmarking integration
    Im still modifying and doing some tweaks in the forum.. if you see some glitches please post it here..

    And I would like to thanks Shirley Matthews of Japan, sponsor of this forum..
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