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    hi guys... i need your opinion on this one...

    is it ok to leave your baby and work somewhere far because it's the only way you could think of giving your baby a bright future... ? in this way i'm kinda sacrificing my presence to be with her and watch her grow... though i must admit im not really in favor of this but i think if i'm not gonna do it ill regret it later..


    im gonna stay---but still having a hard time trying to make both ends meet...and feeling the pain of seeing how hard each day for us especially to my baby?

    please help... im having a hard time to decide...huhuhu!

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    It is not without necessary reason and great wisdom why our law requires that in case the spouses must part ways, the child below seven years old must go to the mother.
    Therefore, if your child is below seven years old, I suggest do not leave her as yet. The child needs you more than money during this tender age.

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