is a 15 year-old Filipina singer who became a global singing sensation through YouTube.

After her landmark guest appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ self-titled US TV show late last year, Charice will soon be seen on yet another popular US TV show, Oprah no less. Charice doesn’t know exactly when the Oprah episode will be aired, although Oprah herself has been plugging it, reminding televiewers “to watch for 10 fantastic kids,” one of whom happens to be Charice. The TV teaser said: They may look like ordinary kids but what they are getting ready to do on our stage will blow you away! This you have to see to believe! Coming this May.

So how did Charice get into Oprah?

“Through Mr. David Foster,” Charice told Funfare. Charice met Foster last year. He saw Charice on Ellen and he took pains to contact her. And then Foster asked Charice to sing. Presto! Before Charice knew it, Foster was asking her to record Ordinary World, one of his compositions (Foster has written songs for almost all the big names in the industry, from Celine Dion to Barbra Streisand to Whitney Houston to Josh Groban).

“My newest baby” is how Foster introduces Charice to people.
So fond Foster has become of Charice that he even brought her on his private jet to Las Vegas to watch the farewell concert of Celine Dion. They were seated on the front-center, no less.

It was Foster who brought Charice to the attention of Oprah. “Watch out for her,” Foster told Oprah.

During the shoot in Chicago, which lasted for two hours (5 to 7 p.m.) early this month, recalled Charice, she saw Oprah watching from the sidelines. The 10 “fantastic kids” were each asked to perform their forte. One played the guitar, one played the drum, another did a dance exhibition. It was only Charice who sang a song, I Have Nothing (also by Whitney Houston), like I Will Always Love You, one of the two songs Charice sang on Ellen

“She hugged me before the interview portion,” Charice said. “Nagulat ako! Natulala ako! Siempre, si Oprah siya, eh!”

A third placer in the ABS-CBN talent search Little Big Star in 2006, Charice was discovered by Ellen via the YouTube in which a fan who called herself “False Voice” uploaded a film clip of Charice’s performance in the South Korean show Star King. An Ellen staffer saw the YouTube and told DeGeneres about it, prompting her to make a joke on air about giving a reward to anybody who could furnish her the contact number of Charice. Ed Shapiro, Ellen’s lawyer, found Charice’s website. Shapiro got in touch with Michael Gurfinkel who rushed the processing of Charice and her mom’s US visa. Mother and daughter arrived in the US in the nick of time.

On Ellen, Charice sang two songs, I Will Always Love You and And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (sung by American Idol graduate Jennifer Hudson in the movie version of Dreamgirls).

Between Ellen and Oprah, Charice was booked for a guest appearance early this year on The Paul O’Grady Show in London where she sang the same two songs (as requested by O’Grady himself).

After Oprah, Charice will finish recording her debut album (for Star Records). You guessed it: The album is titled simply Charice.