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    Just letting you know that i upgraded the forum to Vbulletin v3.7.1


    New Settings
    • Allow Owners to Delete Social Group if Empty
      This option will allow any group owner to delete a Social Group if they are the only member of that group (even if they lack the "Can Delete Own Social Groups" permission)
    • Thread Tag Banned Words
      These words will be checked in addition to those listed in includes/searchwords.php to form a list of words whose use is banned in tagging.
    • Thread Tag Allowed Words
      Words entered here will be allowed as tags, regardless of whether or not their use would be otherwise disallowed due to length, censorship, commonality etc.
    • Tag Cloud: Build Usergroup
      The tag cloud pulls together data from threads in many forums. Users may not be able to see all the threads that make up the tag cloud results. With this option, you can force the tag cloud to be built as if it were viewed by a particular usergroup.
    Feature Improvements

    Option to control deletion of empty social groups.
    Previously, users without permission to delete their own group could always delete the group if no one else was a member of the group. This caused a potential loophole, related to kicking members from the group. There is a new option to control whether owners can delete empty groups without the normal delete group permissions.

    Tag delimiter now customizable.
    Board administrators can now customize the delimiter used for tagging threads. The comma will still always be used, but this allows administrators to specify a language-specific delimiter (like an Arabic comma) or change to use spaces to separate tags.

    Customizable "good words" and "bad words" lists for tags.
    Administrators can now specify words that they always want to allow as tags, regardless of commonality or length ("good words"). They can also specifically list words that would be valid tags, but shouldn't be allowed ("bad words"). Be aware that these settings are for exact matches only, not tags that contain particular words.

    Tachy Support for Visitor Messages and Picture Comments
    Visitor messages and picture comments now fully support the Tachy Goes to Coventry global ignore system.

    Upload Memory Improvements
    The way file uploads are handled have been re-written in order to reduce memory usage, it is now possible to upload an attachment of several hundred megabytes while only using a few kilobytes of memory. This new method only works when attachments are stored in the filesystem.
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