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.....Sir May I ask..DO you Believe in GoD? in all HIs Creation? HIs ExisTence?..
If you are asking me, why ask yourself also. How do you know that there is God? What is God? What is your means of knowing, of knowledge? If your means is reason, thinking, consciousness, the answer is NO. If you just use faith as what others say so, your answer is different.

If your means of knowing is reason, then the basis of reason is your sense perception, your senses. Your five senses is your first and only contact with the real world-reality. There is no other. And there is nothing to capture by your senses but the real-the world-surrounding you. It is called EXISTENCE, including you, me and others-the conscious being. Apply that to your questions: How do you know God exist? What do you use in knowing?

If your means of knowing is faith, then ask yourself what is exactly faith is. Is faith believing on something without using your five senses? If no, then what do you use? Or let's put it this way. Do you believe because that's what others says? Have you validated what others says? If not then, you are not using your thinking power-the attributes of potential man.