If I had seven days to live
and you'd ask me what I'd do
I'd spend my first six day with god
and my last day with you

On the first day I'd ask the lord above
to take care of the one I love
'cause there's no one else I'd rather have
than you my one and only love

I'd pray the second day
to take away your fears
'cause it would only break my heart
to see my love in tears

The third day is for thanksgiving
for the blessings we received
he had blessed me when I met you
the best gift I received

On the fourth day I'd be asking him
to forgive me for all my sins
and if I may I'd beg him please
for another chance to live

A prayer for preparation
would be on the fifth day
that he may take me to heaven
and not the other way

A prayer for mankind
is for the sixth day
that they may soon find peace in their hearts
and would soon reunite

I blessed the seventh day
'cause I passed my time with you
that before I leave this world
you'll know how much I Love You...

Ill spend my last day with you Divina