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  1. Default No more jobs abroad for Filipino nurses? 
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    Planning to take up Nursing so you can earn a lot when you practice the profession outside of the Philippines?
    Think again, because if the decreasing demand for Filipino nurses continues, you may not be able to work abroad anymore.

    According to the Philippine Nursing Association (PNA), the global demand for licensed nurses has been consistently decreasing since 2004.

    The PNA attributes the declining demand to 3 factors:
    1. Policy changes in countries hiring Filipino nurses
    The United States is currently implementing visa retrogression while the United Kingdom is starting to rely again on local health workers.

    2. “Oversupply” of nurses
    As more Philippine nursing schools churn thousands of nurses year after year, the supply of nurses is beginning to catch up with the demand.

    3. Deteriorating quality of nursing graduates

    “Fly by night” nursing schools and “shortcut nursing programs” contribute to weakening the quality and, ultimately, the attractiveness of Filipino nurses to nurse-importing countries.

    If that’s the case, then these nurses can just work locally, right?
    Not really, because finding work in the Philippines may not be that easy anymore. According to the same PNA data, the demand for nurses in the Philippines has remained stagnant for the last two years.
    So if new nurses can’t find work abroad and can’t also work in the Philippines, what are they supposed to do?
    Hmm… that’s one critical condition for Filipino nurses these days.
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    I don't think so. Japan soon will require filpino nurses.

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