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    Everyone lies - stretching the truth. But can you improve your relationship through lying? How far can you stretch the truth? Some of us believe that lying is warding off telling the truth as opposed to actually not saying it. Lying by omission - the one where a trial balance also cannot discover.

    Do you practice ZERO tolerance or are you okay with little lies?

    A relationship that allows the pettiest of lies can erode its foundations - lying induces a snowball effect. The easiest yet toughest thing to do when you want to establish trust is to be upfront with your partner and straighten out any lies that you are currently involved in.

    Let’s be factual - you will lie again. We’re human. But, you can learn to be more honest in your daily conversations. What propels you to lie? Trying to impress or trying to hide something? When you start to realize the grounds for you to lie, you will stop your lying ways of life.

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    well i think lying is a part of our life. as we all know nobody is perfect although we tried to be but there are some enivitable circumstances that we need to lie for a reason.... i think there is no human who doesnt experience to lie....
    Yes!!! the best thing to do is to tell the truth.. trully the facts/truth hurts but as long as it is not too late y not settle it... we cant blame if someone is lying most especially if he/she has a very deep reason.... there is what we called a white lies right?

    thats all and god bless

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