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    Funny Photos and Pictures

    Hope this never happens to you... poor girl peed in her pants
    (funny pics and funny photos)

    Modern Toilet



    Apathy, or not. I don't care

    Electric repair

    I call this the "Philips Express"

    Try to do it while seated in your car

    Water prank

    Moving Tips #1

    Moving Tips #2

    Complaint Department

    Brain teaser


    Frank & Stein. I bet that made for an interesting election campaign

    The newest IPOD

    Funny sign

    Sign for no signs

    Notice: This sign is about notices.
    Note: If you noticed, then noticing was rewarding for you.

    Piggy-back ride
    Note: This is a real photo, not an illusion. The angle of the photo and the placement of the planes in the air make it
    seem as if they are touching, when in fact they are separated by a safe distance. Perception is everything.

    OOPS... Target practice

    Road to nowhere

    They really do this in India

    It didn't work

    And you thought you had a bad job...

    Two Way

    Underwear over the years

    When programmers screw up, you get a blank urgent message

    Microsoft's three most important keys

    Speed Limit(s)

    Why did the camel cross the road?


    Woof, Woof

    Cat got your tongue? No. Tongue got the cat

    Chair is just a bit small... wouldn't you agree?

    Funny Redneck Horseshoes with toilet lids (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny improvised redneck grill (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny redneck weather station (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny duct tape (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny redneck mower motorcycle (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny motorcycle made of wood - hillbilly or redneck? (funny pics and funny photos)

    Improvise? (funny pics and funny photos)

    Gotta protect my limousine!!! (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny misspelled STOP (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny Endoscopy (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny Photo
    In this combination picture of before and after, Claudio Paulo Pinto pops his eyeballs out of their sockets, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
    Pinto can pop his eyeballs at least 7 millimeters (0.3 inches) out of their sockets, a national record for eye-popping according to RankBrasil, an organization modelled after the Guinness Book of World Records that lists Brazilian records.
    Pinto says he's been doing this since he was nine years old (funny pics and funny photos)

    Side shot of Claudio Paulo Pinto as pops his eyeballs out of their sockets (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny Photo
    World's Longest Fingernails
    Lee Redmond of the U.S. won entry into
    the latest edition of Guinness World Records
    on September 28, 2006 with the world's longest fingernails

    A feature on the surface of Mars, in which some people believe they see a face,
    is shown in a photograph sent by the Viking spacecraft July 31, 1976.
    The 1976 NASA press release said the formation 'resembles a human head.'
    However, NASA scientists had already correctly interpreted the image
    as an optical illusion caused by the illumination angle of the Sun,
    the formation's surface morphology and the resulting shadows,
    giving the impression of eyes, nose and mouth.

    World Female Individual Vaulting Championship

    Funny Yawn (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny squirrels (funny pics and funny photos)

    soccer hat (funny pics and funny photos)

    Polar bear with a funny pose (funny pics and funny photos)

    Orangutan (funny pics and funny photos)

    Boy looks at an odobenus rosmarus (funny pics and funny photos)

    Woman sitting on a chair made of newspaper blocks in the UK (funny pics and funny photos)

    Monkey cooling off with a popsicle (funny pics and funny photos)

    Gas prices cost an arm and a leg (funny pics and funny photos)

    Costs an arm and a leg

    Dress made from real fruit. I guess you'd have to be 'fruity' to wear it (funny pics and funny photos)

    Boy and a dolphin (funny pics and funny photos)

    Boy on a buffalo (funny pics and funny photos)

    Dog on a buffalo in Iraq. Even the animals know how to co-exist (funny pics and funny photos)

    A pair of budgerigars, also known as grass parakeets, appear to be kissing (funny pics and funny photos)

    Hanging from a wall (funny pics and funny photos)

    Funny chinese art made from blue jeans (funny pics and funny photos)

    I wonder who went and who stayed (funny pics and funny photos)

    Hmmm, wonder if I would have changed my name (funny pics and funny photos)

    Yes, thanks very much (funny pics and funny photos)

    Gentlemen, start your engines (Oh My!)
    (funny pics and funny photos)

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