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    We are pleased to announce that the first shipment of books to be donated to the schools of Biliran have been sent!

    Yesterday I shipped off 4 large boxes of books to go to my wifes former school at Villa Consuelo. These are all educational books (about 300 pieces) that I have bought here in Australia through my push for educational donations for biliran.

    Here in Australia most kids in the schools have the luxury of computers and the internet for reference and are clearing out thier libraries of unwanted books. I am contacting them in order to send more books to the schools of biliran. these books include math, english etc, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

    Most of the books I'm sending have been bought locally by myself at discounted prices and are second hand, but soon we hope to have a sudden influx of donated books to send.

    This could turn into something big, as I'm amazed at how many unwanted educational books there are here in Australia.

    Another of our ideas is to adopt 'sister schools'.
    This is where the kids from one school in Biliran write letters to the kids of another school here in Australia. Its a great way to exchange cultures and have a glimpse of what schools are like abroad.
    Were starting with the more remote poorer schools. We pay for the posting of letters and developing of any pictures the kids want to send.

    The shipping is expensive (5,000p a box), and its a 9hour drive to Sydney and back with another 4,500p of diesel to get there, so I'm hoping for some transport assistance from freight companies here. (Come on forex /DHL/LBC, help these poor kids out will you?!!!!). Im only on a pension and I'm the one organising the books!

    So in 6weeks time the kids of Villa Consuelo will get thier books...
    then its on to the next school, then another, then another,...
    what a joy to see those smiling faces!!!

    If anyone has any suggestions please email us at:
    [email protected]
    Philip and Emelyn Cameron
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    hi! phil...
    such a noble gesture in assisting those underpriviledge children.... more power to you and yours!
    "que sera, sera... what will be, will be"

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