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Thread: Should our next Constitution ban political dynasties?

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  1. Lightbulb Should our next Constitution ban political dynasties? 
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    some arguments:

    "Yes, others must be given a chance."
    "Responsible voting is the best antidote."
    "Yes, Dynasties run counter to progress."
    "No, Not all political dynasties are bad."
    "No, That’d be tantamount to political suicide."
    "Parameters should be set."
    "It will help fix our political system."
    "Let’s hope it’s accomplished."
    "Would it be Constitutional?"
    "Politics is not a family business."
    "Easier said than done."
    "An antidote to evil governance."
    "We need better candidates."
    "Ban unproductive leaders instead."

    what can you say?
    "the heart has its reasons which reasons cannot understand"....

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    There is no need for a "next constitution" in order to effect a ban in political dynasties. Our present constitution empowers the legislature to formulate laws that would bring to effect the ban.

    Yes, political dynasties should be banned because the saying is true that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When government is run by ascendants and descendants or close relatives, or by the same family for a long period of time, there is that tendency to make governmental powers the exclusive property of a few families. Checks and balance would tend to disappear. When checks and balance disappear as what happened during the time of Marcos Martial Law, corruption and death prevail, and the Philippines gets drowned in international debts which only become unjustified burden of the citizens. This too would happen, as it is happening today, in a government of dynasties. This can be seen even in the time of King Saul so that he had to be replaced with a mere sheepherd, David, which in effect cut the dynasty for a moment.

    Really, political dynasty is dangerous to the country. Dangerous to health, dangerous to education, dangerous to the economy, and dangerous to democracy. Hence, it should be banned absolutely.
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    Dynasties of selfless, dedicated and honest public officials will not be at all bad, as long as they’re doing their job for the benefit of their constituents. If members of a political dynasty are characterized by good governance and sincere public service, then it deserves continued support from the electorate.

    But in contrast, there are those political dynasties whom we consider as the root of the corruption and for that reason Politicians(dynasty) should always remember that politics is not a family business but instead it is a public service!

    Should Political dynasty be bannd for the nxt batch of future community/country leaders? hmm not at all..but ako, ikaw, tayong lahat, sama-sama nating ibannd ung mga leaders na wlang ngwa/gnwa/magawa kundi mang-corrupt..

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    There is no need for a so-called “next Constitution”!
    Our Constitution is sufficient enough to govern us. If the true and honest intention of our leaders is good government then there is no need for having a “next Constitution”. Anyway we look at it, dumb asses in congress wants to change the Constitution for the sole purpose of self-interest. There is nothing wrong with our Constitution, why should we need to change it? The Constitution sets the limit for the President's term, is it wrong? Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo wants to stay in power so her minions in Congress wantsto change the Constitution, and that is something very wrong. Our Constitution is more than enough to govern this nation but our so-called leaders find the Constitution a hindrance to their vested self-interest tend to do everything, if they cant bend, they break the Constitution and worst, they even want to change the Constitution just to suit their needs.
    Our Constitution has provision against political dynasties! But the problem is our “brilliant” politicians circum-navigate around these provisions. Instead of reinforcing the anti-dynasty provision, our “brilliant” politicians made it toothless, weak and enfeeble to the whims and caprices of our “brilliant” political leaders.
    I wonder why Japan is prosperous as compared to the Philippines. Japan’s constitution was drafted and given to them by a non-Japanese. Japan did not tinker their Constitution.
    I’d like to call the attention of Cong. Chong, there is no need to change the Constitution!
    I’d like to call the attention of the Gov. Espina, stop the political dynasty. One Espina to denude Biliran Province is enough. Have pity to the Biliranons.

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    I like the mentality in this forum.

    Just to let you know, I am all with you.

    Special mention to KQ, you are certainly no-dumb ass,

    real sexy physically and mentally. Am I right?

    We may disagreee on some other things but we both

    agree at the end. Thanks for blogging on this issue.

    How I wish this politics-at-war in Biliran should come

    an end for the common good of all.

    Someone should make a compromise but it's true:

    bad habits hard to break.

    Well, we have another chance to change: 2010 election.

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    It is written: the inclination of man's heart is to do evil.

    Therefore, honesty and selflessness would be an exception rather than the rule. A family may claim that they are honest and selfless so that they may be allowed to perpetuate themselves in power. In such case therefore that family must prove beyond doubt that they are indeed an exception. And one way to prove this is to die for the good of another.

    But even then, man is a changeable being. At one moment he may be proven to be undoubtedly devoted to honesty, nationality and service. Yet in another moment the evil residing in his heart would come out of its way.

    Which then would be safer for our country: To close our eyes to what is natural and so presume that a certain family is selfless and honest and allow them to establish dynasty or to open our eyes to the truth that the inclination of man's heart is evil?

    This country has suffered a lot due to unquestionable selfishness of its leaders. Almost everyone of them wants that their family would control the country or part of it. You and I could see it. Therefore, it is better to ban political dynasties totally in this country.

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    Making decisions on such matter shouldn't rely just by words, it must have proof and evidence. Do not presume nor assume things. "Easier said than done."
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    We may not have as yet a clear picture of how the goal could be achieved. But hope is a good friend that would guide us in all our dreams. Suffice it that we know what needs to be done. It is like a star there ahead of us. Even if we do not clearly know how to go about it, we continue to move towards it because a link non-physical as yet is established between us and that star when we know the beauty and value of that goal and keep it in our heart always.

    There could be truth in the saying: What a man can conceive, he can achieve.
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    “… it must have proof and evidence. Do not presume nor assume things.”
    Politicians, especially the corrupt ones most of the times seek refuge to these lines. One could always read or hear politicians defending their so-called honor and self-respect whenever allegations of wrong doing were thrown their way.

    I wonder why these corrupt politicians desperately cling on to power despite of a dishonoring allegations were being thrown against these corrupt leaders? If one would really open their eyes, there were a lot of glaring evidences and proofs of wrong doing made by the present administration. Take a look for example of the questionable mining in Caibiran. Who gave the permit? Who approve the permit? Did the proceeds of the mining activity go to the coffers of the Biliran government or to the pockets of the selected few? These irregularities wouldn’t happen without the blessings of our so-called leaders. And with these irregularities, our corrupt leaders would simply say, “ … show your proof and evidence.”, or words to that effect.

    “… it must have evidence and proof..” In the context of allegations of wrong doing in the government for this matter, particularly made by politicians is a very irresponsible, reckless and thoughtless statement.

    Evidence and proof? Why do you think the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo administration would gag her officials? Is the administration afraid of the glaring evidences and proofs? During the Aquino regime they used to say, “the truth shall set you free”. During this present administration, “ the truth will make you persecuted, with fallacy you’ll be rewarded.”

    Evidence and proof huh!

    To PinoyIsip:
    Sexy physically? I say you've got to see it for yourself. Hahahaha!
    Yes, mentally and radically sexy!

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    it must have proof and evidence. Do not presume nor assume things.”
    Politicians, especially the corrupt ones most of the times seek refuge to these lines. One could always read or hear politicians defending their so-called honor and self-respect whenever allegations of wrong doing were thrown their way.

    AMEN AMEN..just wait till it printed in all magazines black and white..
    life is short and borrowed make the BEST of it to the fullest. Life
    is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat
    you right.. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens
    for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
    If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be
    easy, they just promised it would be worth

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