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    Solon: I paid for Arroyo party's Wash. dinner
    08/14/2009 | 02:25 AM
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    Quezon Representative Danilo Suarez on Thursday admitted that he was the one who paid for the dinner that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her entourage enjoyed in a Washington restaurant last month.

    "I invited the President, the First Gentleman and the whole group to have dinner at Morton's, but Morton's was not available so we shifted to Bobby Van's," Suarez said in a report by Lei Alviz aired over GMA News’ “Saksi."

    The dinner was reported by the Washington Post blog, which said Mrs. Arroyo and her party spent $15,000 for the meal.

    Suarez confirmed the amount, saying $11,000 was spent on food, beverages, and wines, while the rest was spent on tax charges and tips.

    He added that the dinner was part of the celebration of the Arroyo couple's 41st wedding anniversary.

    This however contradicted with his statement when he was first interviewed by GMANews.TV regarding the dinner.

    In that interview, Suarez said he doubts the tab would reach $15,000.

    The report on the Washington dinner came at the height of the controversy on Mrs. Arroyo and her party’s meal in a posh New York restaurant that reportedly cost $20,000, which Malacañang said was shouldered by Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Romualdez.

    The dinner had led to calls for the Office of the Ombudsman to investigate the alleged “extravagance" of Mrs. Arroyo.

    Suarez lashed back at the critics for scoring the President for spending almost P2 million in two separate dinners in the US while the country is experiencing widespread poverty.

    "Wala namang relevance 'yung paghihirap ng taumbayan (The dinners were irrelevant to our country’s poverty)," Suarez said, adding that the focus should be on the benefits that country gained during the US visit.

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    Let us also note that Rep. Suarez is the current representa-thief of the poorest district in Quezon province!

    Can you imagine that! The congressman from the poorest district in Quezon province can afford to take the tab amounting to twenty thousand dollars!

    Even if the twenty thousand dollar dinner of fake president GMA, almost 1 million in Philippine peso, was not paid for with taxpayer's money, still it was very insensitive of her.

    How could GMA, the fake president of the Philippines, a poverty-stricken nation, allow 1 million pesos to be spent on her dinner when many Filipinos back home felt hunger pangs?

    How could she and her cohorts feast on champagne, caviar, prime rib steaks, etc, when she knew that the former and true President Cory Aquino was lying in state at the Manila Cathedral?

    This is the real and classic example of "SINGA-BOT". Nasinga-bot hi GMA hin sugad nga paglustay han taxpayer's money while she's still in the office. How many local politicians an sugad an gawi dinhi ha province of Biliran? Ngatanan ba ada? One can't help but speculate dahil kung ano ang puno sya rin ang bunga!

    How i wished they choked on their food!

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