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    Howdy SP-01 Shadow,

    Am also a newbie in this shooting sport and am grateful to M1911A2 for sharing his insights especially when I’ve been turn between two pistols. Thanks M1911. Thank you for the very straight forward suggestion.

    I can’t help but to full in love with you. (Just a figure of speech, mind you) Hahahaha! I really love that “full” double-action trigger pull of about 5 pounds but creep free. I must say that am sincerely impressed, yours was the smoothest double-action I’ve ever “squeezed”. You’re very accurate and accepts a wide range of ammo. Your trigger reset is very short for a double-action/ single-action.

    Am very glad to be on the “dark side” with you.

    Welcome to the shooting sport SP-01 Shadow.
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    when I checked that pistol during this year's gunshow (july 16-20) at countermeasures booth, it was 65,000 pesos unit only. plus 6,000 license, I think i was good price considering performance and reliability.
    but sometimes my conscience tell me na mas SHADOWng mahal at baka ako ay mag se CZ....

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    Am kind of overwhelmed for the warm welcome!

    With regards to that "mas SHADOWng mahal" remark, well, eventhough am a newbie in this sport, i've realized that this sport is an "equipment intensive" kind of sport. I don't mind if it cost me 65k or 85k as long as it's the real thing, it's brand new and one of the "top of the line" pistol in its category. I can't help but remember what my Lola once told me, "if you got wet in the rain, you better take a bath and enjoy the rain as well." Hence, the CZ Shadow. "Baka ako mag se CZ"? Well, with this kind of pistol in your hand, is there a space for regrets? Hahahaha! For me? I don't think so.

    Am CZimply impressed with how my SHADOWng mahal performed in the range kanina! Creep-free talaga ang trigger, very smooth pa ang DA nya. Pag uli sa ako Papa magpapalit na sad ko ug usa pa nga Shadow, kanang laki na sad para manganak ni CZila.


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