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    Good day fellow shooters and gun enthusiasts!

    In the spirit of good sportsmanship, I’d like to share with you a few shooting tips I’ve learned from Matt Burkett, Rob Leatham, Brian Enos and Todd Jarret – these shooters are all world champions.

    Please bear with me for I’ve divided these tips in several parts. For other shooters out there, please feel free to add your own helpful tips:

    Shooting – The Mental Game

    We can separate the skills associated with practical handgun marksmanship. In my experience, handgun shooting errors are invariably trigger control related, though most shooters tend to ascribe large groups and missed shots to incorrect aim, poor vision or a “bad grip”. Blaming your sights is praying to a false idol.

    I’ll go so far as to say that just about every person I’ve ever worked with had the ability to see and focus on their aligned sights, and hold that alignment well enough to shoot a very small group. However, few have had the ability to press the trigger well enough to exploit their aiming skills without considerable training.

    Shooters generally seem to “flinch” (which we can define here as a failure to press the trigger and release the hammer without disturbing the sights, and/or to follow through during the entire shot) for two basic reasons:

    The first is performance anxiety. By it’s nature, shooting is an exercise in truthful self-realization: the bullet hits or misses, whether completely or by degrees. Everyone wants to “do well” and not look like an idiot in front of others. Without intending to make broad gender-based generalizations, women are less prone to succumbing to this anxiety (and in fact often do better in marksmanship training as a result), whereas men do tend to become more ego-involved in the results to the detriment of their skill development. In any event, those who have been highly conditioned to feel potent and capable (such as law enforcement officers and other highly trained professionals) will tend to identify strongly with symbols of that potency to support their self image. Nothing in American society symbolizes this potency more than the gun.

    It follows that when presented with an objective test of competency that challenges one’s illusory self-image, even highly educated and successful new shooters will freak out and fail. This is the person who shakes his or her head in growing frustration at each “bad” shot. In reality, shooting is pretty darn easy; it’s just the shooter’s highly personal investment in results that makes it difficult.

    Well folks, this is it for now, I’ll intend to continue with my discussion next time I log in. Promise…..DVC


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    Great! I can't help but to admire your generosity M19, uban lagi nga mga shooter di man lagi magtudlo. Takot silang i-share ang kakarampot nilang nalalaman, o di kaya'y takot sila na may mas maging magaling pa sa kanila.

    Kindly keep those tips coming. It would really help a lot especially to a beginner like me.

    Keep up the good work M1911A2.

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    Great thread you have started here M19. I really appreciate the effort you've exerted in sharing these tips.

    Mabuhay ka!


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    I have shot football, basketball, and soccer and now have been asked to shoot baseball and softball. I am probably doing it wrong but it is very boring to me and I love baseball. Action shots may or may not happen other than the pitcher and batter..... and it they do .. you better be ready or you will miss it. So it is watch and wait ... watch and wait .. camera ready.

    I will be shooting both High School and College .. if you have any tips for either of these sports .. would welcome them. This is for a daily newspaper.
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