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    As promised, here's the continuation of the discussion i've started a few days ago. For newbie shooters out there, before you hit the range and spent thousand of pesos for those bullets why not pay attention first to the mental side of shooting? Here's the part 2 of my shooting tips:

    Everyone wobbles. The sights are never going to rest motionless and in perfect alignment on the target. Yet, our egos tend to be perfectionists. Result-oriented shooters won’t accept their wobble and are disappointed in the lack of immediate reinforcement shot as an instantaneous event mediated by their will to hit, yet are frustrated by that overpowering will when they jerk the trigger, flinch and miss. That frustration stems from the highly conscious (and thus clumsy) nature of their technique.

    In the absence of a learned, subconscious and visually patient process which presses the trigger in response to the appearance of aligned sights orbiting about the target area, the results-oriented shooter jumps on the trigger when the sights suddenly look right “NOW”. This reinforces true flinching reactions from recoil and blast, which is the second reason we miss. It’s true the good Lord didn’t design us to well tolerate an explosion 18 inches in front of our eyes. Guns were our idea.

    Grabbing at the trigger when the sights look “right” to satisfy the ego causes the shooter to place his focus even more on the target, and less on that icon of his increasingly conflicted, unpleasant and unsuccessful marksmanship process: his sights. When a shooter feels he’s inconsistent, it’s often because his visual attention floats aimlessly on an unstable emotional sea between sharply focused process and vaguely seen results.

    Part 3 coming up........DVC


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    Great continuation M19! Your attacking the mind, really.
    I agree with your line of thought. The one that should be harnessed is the mind - the ego - so to speak. It's not just enough to have a gun and do a ratatatat - with all the targets clean - no hits at all.

    Am for one will be waiting for your next thread on this topic M1911.
    Just keep it coming.
    Thank you in advance.


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