This is the Part 3 of the 3 part series which I’ve started a couple of weeks, maybe months ago. Hehehe. Am kind of lazy to check…

For IPSC shooting applications, the process of making an acceptable shot varies by distance, target area, and position. Some shots require an absolutely perfect trigger break, other requires a quick slap of the trigger. Training the mind to select and apply the correct technique for each shot is the first trick.

While perfectionism can be counter productive, I also believe shooters handicap themselves by being too in awe of supposedly greater talents and therefore convincing themselves they can’t shoot as fast or as accurately for various reasons. The empirical nature of shooting spawns endless excuses that allow each of us to remain comfortable in our self-imposed zone of relative skill. It’s a little uncomfortable to extend oneself out of that comfort zone and try something harder. The champion differs only in that she knows her comfort zone is an illusion.

But that doesn’t mean we start out trying to hit aspirin tablets at 50 feet. For right now, we just want to hit something honestly and reliably. Let’s say a 2″ dot at 10 yards? That’s reasonable, though daunting for the new shooter. (For that matter, I know of some very experienced competitors who won’t allow themselves to hit that target reliably.)

Well, assuming your sights are aligned fairly well and you see the blurred dot somewhere behind them, you’ll hit within a 2” target area every time so long as the trigger is pressed correctly.

That’s the fundamental skill. This is how to get it:

You need to develop an unshakable faith in that skill (hitting a 2” dot at 10 yards, and an equally hard faith in the belief that if you focus on, you absolutely will hit the target.

Be focused on the process of operating the trigger, and learn to press through without tension, convulsive grasping of the hand, jerking or other funny stuff in response to the appearance of aligned sights in your mind.

Free your mind, start believing and you’ll see results.

Safe shooting people…diligentia…vis… celeritas.