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    A farmer had some puppies he needed to sell.
    He painted a sign advertising the 4 pups and
    set about nailing it to a post on the edge of
    his yard. As he was driving the last nail into the
    post, he felt a tug on his overalls. He looked
    down into the eyes of a little boy.

    "Mister," he said, "I want to buy one of your

    "Well," said the farmer, as he rubbed the sweat
    off the back of his neck, "These puppies come
    from fine parents and cost a good deal of money."

    The boy dropped his head for a moment. Then
    reaching deep into his pocket, he pulled out a
    handful of change and held it up to the farmer.

    I've got thirty-nine cents. Is that enough to take
    a look?"

    "Sure," said the farmer. And with that he let out
    a whistle. "Here, Dolly!" he called.

    Out from the doghouse and down the ramp ran
    Dolly followed by four little balls of fur.

    The little boy pressed his face against the chain
    link fence. His eyes danced with delight. As the
    dogs made their way to the fence,the little boy
    noticed something else stirring inside the doghouse.

    Slowly another little ball appeared, this one noticeably
    smaller. Down the ramp it slid. Then in a somewhat
    awkward manner, the little pup began hobbling toward
    the others, doing its best to catch up...

    "I want that one," the little boy said, pointing to the
    runt. The farmer knelt down at the boy's side and said,
    "Son, you don't want that puppy. He will never be able
    to run and play with you like these other dogs would."

    With that the little boy stepped back from the fence,
    reached down, and began rolling up one leg of his
    In doing so he revealed a steel brace running down
    both sides of his leg attaching itself to a specially made

    Looking back up at the farmer, he said, "You see sir,
    I don't run too well myself, and he will need someone
    who understands."

    With tears in his eyes, the farmer reached down and
    picked up the little pup.

    Holding it carefully he handed it to the little boy."How much?" asked the little boy. "No charge,"
    answered the farmer, "There's no charge for love."

    The world is full of people who need someone who

    life is short and borrowed make the BEST of it to the fullest. Life
    is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat
    you right.. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens
    for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
    If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be
    easy, they just promised it would be worth

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    In our journey in life, there are peoples who will love us unconditionally. Cherish them and we will find happiness.
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    Here's the important lesson I encountered: When God allows a crisis into your life, He doesn't solve it immediately. He lets it go on for a while because he wants to see if you're really serious about seeking him. If God answered your prayers immediately, you'd begin to think God was a big vending machine: put in a prayer, pull out whatever you need.

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