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    Well, that bill is still to be approved piro I don't know kung mapasa ni kay ang different airsoft association throughout the country has been seeing their respective representatives to shed light on the matter. Lisod man sab ma stop ang mga naka schedule na nga mga tournament just because of the forthcoming elections. Siguro duna lang ipagawas nga guidelines on the transporting of airsoft pistols and rifles from the residence to the tournament area aron dili ma utilize for other purposes (i.e harrassing the voters and intimidating political opponents). In my case whenever I travel I usually dismantle my M4 coz its very impractical to bring with you a rifle bag that is both bulky and suspicious.

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    To all those interested for the organization of an airsoft gamers association in Biliran please signify your intention in this forum. We need at least 20 members inorder to formally organize. Marlon Mecaral can do the legwork for this.

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    Just in case ganahan jud ka magdala sa imo M4, here's the Comelec resolution to guide you.

    Resolution 8729 - Comelec Checkpoint Guidelines for May 2010 election


    Republic of the Philippines
    December 23,2009
    x - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -X

    WHEREAS, to effectively implement the firearms ban during the election period, it is necessary to establish COMELEC checkpoints;

    WHEREAS, there is a need to ensure that in the implementation of the proper search procedures and seizure at the COMELEC checkpoints, civil, political and human rights are
    not violated;

    NOW, THEREFORE, the Commission on Elections, pursuant to the powers vested in it by the Constitution, Omnibus Election Code and other election laws, RESOLVED to promulgate, as it hereby RESOLVES to promulgate, the following guidelines:

    Section I. Comeldc Checkpoint. - There shall be at least one (1) COMELEC checkpoint in each city/municipality. However, additional checkpoints may be established at the discretion of the highest ranking official of the Armed Forces the Philippines (AFP) or the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the city/municipality.

    Sec. 2. Checkpoint location. - The officials mentioned in the immediately preceding section, shall, in consultation with the city/municipal Election Officer (EO), establish checkpoints in their respective areas of jurisdiction only in places which are well lighted. I n areas where electric light is not available, artificial lighting shall be provided for the purpose.

    Sec. 3. Checkpoint signboard. - Each COMELEC checkpoint shall have a signboard, measuring three feet by four feet (3'X4'), to clearly identify the place as a COMELEC checkpoint from a reasonable distance. The following shall be printed/painted on both sides in bold red letters on a white background;

    S T O P
    Please bear with us.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Name and Address of Election Officer
    Name of Commanding Officer/Team Leader

    Sec. 4. Notice of the location of.checkpoints. - The commanding officer/team leader of the checkpoint must give notice to the EO, as well as non-government organizations and other civic organizations about the establishment and location of COMELEC checkpoints in the locality.

    Sec. 5. Spot checkpoint. - Where the circumstanceswarrant, spot checkpoint may be established in locations otherthan those mentioned in the preceding section. Before
    establishing such checkpoints, the coordinating officer/team leader shall give notice to the EO.

    Sec. 6. Personnel to man checkpoint. - Any unitdesignated to man a Comelec checkpoint must be led by aregular member of the AFP/PNP with a rank of at least
    Iieutenant/inspector. AFP and PNP personnel manning the checkpoints must be
    in complete uniform and shall not be under the influence of liquor/drug. Any violation hereof shall make the offender and his commanding officer jointly liable for administrative/criminal action.

    Sec. 7. Briefing by the commanding o fficer/team leader. - A briefing must be given by the commanding officer/team leader to all members of the unit designated to man the checkpoints, with emphasis on the proper manner of searching with reasonableness.

    Sec. 8. Searches at COMELEC checkpoint. - Anysearch at any COMELEC checkpoint must be made only bymembers of the unit designated to man the same. It should bedone in a manner which will impose minimum inconvenienceupon the person or persons so searched, to the end that civil,political and human rights of the person/s are not violated.

    As a rule, a valid search must be authorized by a search warrant duly issued by an appropriate authority. However, a warrantless search can be made in the following cases:

    a. moving vehicles and the seizure of evidence inplain view;

    b. as long as the vehicle is neither searched nor its occupant/s subjected to a body search, and the inspection af the vehicle is merely limited to a visual search;

    c. when the occupant(s) of the vehicle appear to be nervous or suspicious or exhibit unnatural

    d. if the officer conducting the search has reasonable or probable cause to believe that
    either the occupant(s) is a law offender or that the instrumentality or evidence pertaining to
    the commission of a crime can be found in the vehicle to be searched; o

    e. on the basis of prior confidential information which are reasonably corroborated by other
    attendant matters.

    Sec. 9. Rights of person arrested. - Any person arrested at a COMELEC checkpoint must be treated humanely and with utmost respect for his constitutional rights. He must be informed of the following rights:

    a. to remain silent and be informed that anything he says may be used against him in court.
    This right cannot be waived except in writing and in the presence of counsel;

    b. to have competent and independent counsel preferably of his own choice, but if he cannot
    afford the services of counsel, he must be provided with one. This right cannot be waived
    except in writing and in the presence of counsel;

    c. to be released from detention if no charges have been filed against him within eighteen
    (18) hours from the arrest, unless he is charged under P. D. 1866, as amended.

    Sec. 10. Record of arrest. - Any arrest made at a COMELEC checkpoint shall be immediately and chronologically recorded in a logbook for the purpose, stating the circumstances of the arrest and other particulars about the person and confiscated weapons, ammunitions and materials.
    The arresting officer shall execute an affidavit of arrest stating clearly and distinctly the facts and circumstances surrounding the arrest.

    Sec. 11. Report and turn-over of arrested person. - Any person arrested at a COMELEC checkpoint including the confiscated weapon, ammunition, and material, must be turned over to the nearest law enforcement station or office together with the corresponding affidavit/s of arrest for proper action. The chief of police/detachment commander concern shall conduct a preliminary examination and submit the result thereof to the provincial/city prosecutor for preliminary investigation, copy furnished the Law Department, EO, and their respective operation centers.

    Sec. 12. Report of the Law Department. - The Law Department shall submit to the COMELEC a progress report stating the particulars of all arrests made during the election period.

    Sec. 13. Effectivity. - This resolution shall take effect on the seventh day after its publication in two (2) daily newspapers of general circulations.

    Sec. 14. Dissemination. - The Education and Information Department shall cause the publication of this resolution in two (2) newspapers of general circulation and shall furnish copies hereof, the Chief of Staff o f the AFP, the PNP Director General, the Regional Election Directors, Provincial Election SuperviSors and the city or municipality EO.


    MELO, Jose A.R.,
    FERRER, Nicodemo T.,
    LARRAZABAL, Gregorio Y., et al.

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    good day to all naval airsofters naa me airsoft tournament sa ormoc this coming august 27, 2011 kung intresado just contact me 09182662093- chairman of the event -host" by ORMOC TIGER COMMANDO AIRSOFT TEAM with - TIGER COMMANDO AIRSOFT MMARSHALL TEAM

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