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This is a follow-thru on my previous post regarding my inquiry to Rhoel's business "Haven's Rent A Car" from Tacloban to Biliran. We did avail his services.

Rhoel was easy to talk to and very flexible with our requirements. He also kept saying that the price he gave for the "services" we needed was the cheapest that it can ever get. His Adventure SUV was also brand new. We also hail his driver named "Bronze" for giving us a very good service and for his enthusiasm to take-us around the island.

Unfortunately, reality on the price paid for the package came-out to be more expensive.

Tacloban Tour + Drop-off at Biliran Island:
The rates of "Duptours" and "Van-Van" car rentals run at P4,000 for 14 seater van for a Tacloban Tour plus a drop-off to Biliran - ALL-IN. Rhoel's Haven charged us P3,300 for the 10 seater SUV + Driver, plus gas. We consumed around P900 for the gas doing Tac-Tour plus Tac-to-Biliran drop-off. Biliran-to-Tac would be around P700. Thus, our group ended up paying P4,900 (P3,300+900+700) for the services.

Pick-up Biliran, Drop-off at Tacloban Airport
Rhoel said he'd charge us P2,700 for the services plus GAS. I didn't avail this anymore. Too expensive.
We contacted Duptours and they charged us P2,000 (initially). We said, we'd like to have some lunch and buy some souvenirs along the way, as such, they charged us at P2,500-all-in. However, we got short-changed. The driver named Joel didn't bring-us to the souvenirs nor to lunch.

Before the the journey, the driver asked permission if he can bring his son along the trip; we obliged since it is not really any hassle for us. We fell asleep during the 1.5 to 2 hours trip. Next thing we knew, we were at the airport. We asked the driver, what happened to our agreement, that he'd take-us to lunch and to a souvenir shop? He said, the shops at Caliraga (I think) are closed because it's Sunday. We insisted that he take-us to what we know about Tacloban and that's to bring us to "Downtown." He did bring us to Tacloban, but was driving like mad, endagering everyone in the vehicle. In less than 15 minutes, we were at downtown and bought some items on the sidestreet. Joel didn't take-us to the "banig" shops anymore saying that the shops are under renovation and are closed. True-or-not, he was not communicating to us anymore properly.

I share this experience with everyone hoping that no one else will fall in the tourist trap as we've experienced above. Hopefully, Management and Owners of the companies above can do something these as well.
WOW. What an unfortunate experience you had. It's a shame that you had to go through that and I hope that this doesn't happen again.