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    Quote Originally Posted by Preston Stearns View Post
    shopaholic I got your PM, [EDITED]... your 75% BIASED advice is not helping, but thank you for your criticism, you have added to the discussion.
    You mean my reply to your PM?

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    shopaholic, I mean all of your posts and your PM.

    I will continue writing the Nies with my greivances, the aid worker I found her to be biased towards Filipinos and not listening to the whole of the story, is it possible that Pinoy culture always biases towards other Pinoys when foreigners are involved? I do not know and am just asking this question, in fact this will be my question of the week. When I get back next week I will ask a more probing question directed at Roland and his family. In the mean time I hope Mike and Sheena are having a successful marriage, it was a relief to me when I heard Sheena had found a guy, but I have other issues with that, issues about what is good or not good for Sheena and yes I feel I am qualified to speak about that. Thank you all for reading, have a pleasant day and 'good be upon you'.


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    Hi preston, I have received multiple complains about your forum attitude with regards to discussing personal matters publicly.
    According to our Forum Policy, such actions is prohibited.
    I am requesting you to stop dealing those matters in this website.
    Failure to do so will result to ban of your IP address.
    The Forum Task Force | Franciscan Youth Naval

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    I agree with Wowie! That guy is being soooo personal! Preston, if you have unfinished business with anyone, suck it up and deal with it like an ADULT! Life goes on, whether you like it or not, you're a loser! Forget the past and move on!!!

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    WHAT!? May I know what I am supposed to have "lost"? The only losses so far are 1) some of my faith in humanity, and, 2) some amount of money which is not really much. So here we are now shopaholic, what are you TALKING ABOUT?? And why do I always answer questions for others but my questions NEVER seem to get an answer? VERY INTERESTING FACT, don't you think?

    You may not like my approach, but this is my life, and I have certain principles. Roland Nies took my FRIEND away from me, not only that but he agreed to do something WHICH I VIEW AS RESTITUTION, [do I have everyone's permission to view it like that?] yet he did not keep that agreement. Unfinished business is just what it says, unfinished. You apparently do not understand what is really going on here, and you should reserve judgement until you get the facts. SHEENA AND I HAVE AN AGREEMENT, THE AGREEMENT IS THAT WE WOULD REMAIN FRIENDS AFTER OUR BREAKUP AND TO REPEAT I BROKE UP WITH HER, THIS WAS UNFORTUNATE BUT HER FAMILY AND I COULD NOT COME TO AN AGREEMENT DO YOU POSSIBLY *AND* CAN YOU START TO UNDERSTAND HERE?HELLO?

    I find it preposterous for anyone to tell me to "get over it" because this whole issue can be summed up by discovering that Roland Niez is the 1 who needs to get over "it". He is trying to assassinate my character and i will be DAMNED if i just sit here and let it happen. I didn't do anything wrong! Roland is the one who lied to me about Sheena having recovered from her severe shyness, I even offered to have Sheena come stay with me here on a tourist visa so she could blossom away from the pressures of home BUT NO!!! Not for the Nies!! They were the one who could not stand to take RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR SHORTCOMING, did they REALLY expect me to marry into a relationship like that? Are you KIDDING ME? If Sheena did come here on that visa and could have thrown off the severity of her shyness then it would have been a lock and I would have asked her for her hand in marriage but this well-thought out solution was an affront to the PRIDE so that is when I BROKE UP WITH SHEENA....Roland should apologize to her also!! He is the 1 who made her cry!!! HE CAN LIE ALL HE WANTS TO THE HUSBAND BUT IT WILL ONLY MAKE THINGS WORSE! I just thank the Lord that it did work out this way bcuz I now know what skullduggery and betrayal Roland NIEZ is capable of. HE DRAGS HIS OWN NAME people! You ROLAND need to look in the mirror, >>> patay limod is killing you and I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU!! PRIDE GOES BEFORE A FALL YOU FOOL!!!

    Again I thank you and Wowie for your criticism even if you don't have much of a clue, it is still OK for you to give your perspective and I really mean that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shopaholic View Post
    I agree with Wowie! That guy is being soooo personal! Preston, if you have unfinished business with anyone, suck it up and deal with it like an ADULT! Life goes on, whether you like it or not, you're a loser! Forget the past and move on!!!
    If I have unfinished business I will complete it as I see fit, thank you for your opinion just the same. I had a crime committed against me and according to you when I am now standing up for my rights it makes me a loser, do I understand you correctly? I really do wonder if you have ever stood up for your rights you sound so naive. Is standing up for oneself looked down upon in Filipino culture? I can't believe that is true but I am now entertaining the idea. I hope someone screws you over badly someday so I can say to you -hey forget it bcuz it happened before what's happening now, it's in the past so just let anyone do whatever they like to you and be quiet about it too will you?

    I tried for 18 months to deal with this in a low key approach, WHAT *for the love of God* is more adult than that? May I ask? And you will notice that Sheena's husband is nowhere to be seen, let me tell you why that is ok? It's because Roland is concealing this whole affair from him and that's called 'lying by omission'. So now, we have Roland Niez being a liar yet again. This guy needs a good smack in the head from God!!!!

    About sucking it up, sorry, but I am not in the sh*t business, in other words I don't take sh*t and I don't give sh*t, so why don't you go suck something up huh? Not in the sh*t business but I do give REFUNDS every now and then. Instead of just agreeing with each other about how "wrong" I am how about showing me how I am wrong, how about answering my questions, how about showing me the logic? I have received NONE as yet BUT I am able to demonstrate my case 100%. So go ahead and ban me mod guy, all your complaints are from who? People related to Roland Nies? Thanks dude, however, I will agree that forum policy was violated, as it is worded, so no problem there, but you have to admit that if Roland is actually guilty of what I said [and he most certainly is I have proof] then he deserves every bit of shame he receives from what I posted and then some. I should actually thank you for letting this go on as much as you did. I'll be blogging about this in cyberspace in the future it can be located by googling "unfinished business preston roland".

    I plan to start the blog before the end of the year, so as to give roland time to respond before I continue.
    My pinoy friends in Mindanao are very supportive of me and I've told them to hold off posting here, I can fight my own battles. They have explained alot to me about how this hatchet job done to me is actually a familiar part of pinoy ways. I do sympathize with the social dynamics involved in this type of thing and I mean no disrespect but I see clearly why Roland has so desperately resorted to and i can empathize but the lies that have been told about me are just too egregious, as is the whole situation for me to let it stand the way it is. I am certain that if I can talk to the mother that we can settle this problem permanently and I would like nothing better. Roland had very ironically talked about "forcing" well, let me tell you something - I am FAR from being a "dictator" and I am actually the one who got "forced" on, PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES, don't ya think?

    Felisa and Casiano: if i can JUST peacefully talk with you, i really think we can settle this issue permanently!

    Sheena: you will most probably be forgiven.

    Roland: Where is my money? I have proof that you agreed to re-pay it and why did you not honor your agreement?, if you had done what you agreed to do then these threads would never have been needed!!. You drag your own name!, YOU DID IT!!! You are your own worst enemy!!.
    Your threat of getting me banned from the pinas didn't work, did it? You little wanna-be terrorist!!
    Coward!!! Liar!!!
    We can settle this now or it will continue, and it can continue for as long as it takes - - - look for my letters and emails.
    Quitters never win and winners never quit.

    Preston, out.
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