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    my name is Darren Wilton from Australia and I will be visiting Billiran next month,
    I will be staying in Naval and would like to know if there are any business in Naval where I can hire motorbike.
    Any information would be appreciated.

    kind regards
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    Hi Darren,i was there in june/july and did,nt see any m/cycle hire.However there are loads of people only too glad to ferry u about/wait for not too many peso.Maybe u could ask around when u get there an individual might hire u a bike.In the meantime i,ll ask my gf about it

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    As mentioned, commercial motorcycle for hire business does not exist on Biliran. If you want to rent a private motorcycle I might be interested.

    Because this is not something I do as a business, you would need to send me a private message so we could communicate by email. Let me know what you are looking for, what you think a fair amount would be and how long you want the motorcycle for. I have a couple of them.

    I am Dave

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