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    When I first set foot in Almeria years ago, I had this feeling for the sense of belonging... and immediately I felt in love of the place. The verdant hills, the seaviews and its seafood bounty, the array of small farms, and the mystic smiles of the Almerians... what more shall I ask of an ideal place to settle for good after this obligatory mission to sustain family life? After all this is the homeland too of my beloved, her whose person summarize how beautiful the place is...

    You are always in my mind...


    After posting my opening blog, I became restless. Seems to me I have so many things to write about Almeria. So many that it got stucked up somewhere between my mind and my fingers as nothing really came out to type with. Its like a herd of cattle coming out altogether in a small gate and instead of being able to pass, they got stucked. If I am a writer, my present seclusion in a far away place far enough from all my loved ones would be the reason that has caused it all...and that in fact I just need an inspiration at my side to be able to write more...

    ... always in my mind.


    At one time in one of my previous visits in the place, together with relatives I ascended up towards Barangay Caucab and was so mesmerized with the breathtaking view of the sea and the nearby islands and overlooking the plains of Almeria, a perfect combination with the mountain scenery at our backdrop and the coolwind on our hairs... oh its really like being in paradise...

    ... cant keep you out of my mind.


    Feel free to follow and comment on this thread on whats all about in Almeria. Being far away from the place at the moment would give me the opportunity to be updated... and perhaps those Almerians overseas too. You may go over my blog in this site also which I hopefully would want to update every now and then...anything under the heat of the sun.

    With most sincere thanks to biliranisland admin for the opportunity...this site is a noble endeavor indeed.

    Go ahead, be my guest...
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    I agree, in this place you can become a poet. Hope local officials will take care of its beautiful sceneries.

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