Thread: What do you love about Naval Biliran?

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    so how was the trip justme, its nice to see you again.

    by the way the pager wont be available this time because of a security issue.
    please use PM instead

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    I Love And Missed The Smell Of My Grandmothers Kitchen, I Love And Missed To Watch The Star At Night With My Grand Father And Watch How Many Shooting Stars We Will See At That Night, I Love And Missed The Playing Of The Guitar Of My Eldest Brother While We Are Seating In The Seaside And I Was Singing, I Love And Missed The Warm Smile Of My Neighbours, I Love The Smell Of The Sea Breez And The Taste Of The New Harvested Rice, A Lot Of Things I Love And Missed From Naval, The Hot Cacao With Suman.. I Missed My Folks A Lot....

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