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    Grabeha nasad ani oi. Luoya nasad sa Bohol inga anion lang sa mga taga PLDT. Naningkamot na gani ang region para makabangaon. Unsaon kaha pagbangon sa ekonomiya kung kaning PLDT didto puros lang sat-sat. Puro lang promise2x human sus nalang jud tawn.

    I would have wanted to write about this a few days before February 21, 2015 when the Bohol Information and Communications Technology Council (BiCTC) will hold its General Meeting and Election of Officers which will include reports on industry and infrastructure updates. But yesterday’s news report about the netizens almost going up in arms against slow internet and worst none at all in the province’ capital city of Tagbilran has forced me to advance what little comments and discussion I have on the subject of information technology.
    It was purposely for the potential that information technology (IT) would bring to Bohol that Gov. Edgar M. Chatto decided to include IT in Bohol’s development framework. So, now it is no longer just HEAT (for Health and sanitation, Education and skills development, Agriculture and food security, and Tourism and livelihood) but HEAT-IT. This development framework will be achieved via the strategies HELPS LIFE (Health, Environment, Leadership development, Peace and order, Sports and youth development, Livelihood and tourism, Infrastructure, Food, Education) towards the BIG LEAP (Bohol,s Inclusive Growth Leads to Equitable Accelerated Prosperity). Wwhheewww these acronyms, they could be confusing unless explained but to do so will take a half day of lecturing.
    We all remember that on Bohol Day last year, or was it Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Day, I couldn’t be sure now, one of the activities for the celebration was the switching on of the DFON (domestic fiber optic network) by PLDT that promised Bohol the best IT connectivity. Months before that Boholanos saw workers digging along national highways for the much needed fiber optic connection that will give Bohol the fastest internet connection. People in attendance then were in awe just watching the video explaining how Bohol will be connected with the world.
    With that switching happily made by Gov. Edgar M. Chatto, Boholanos thought it was just a matter of a little waiting time before they get instant internet connection. What with people getting crazy about social media to reach out to family, friends and even enemies. Look how people used social media to bash those they don’t like. (I was a victim of social media bashing without my knowledge).
    But months have passed and the promised connectivity did not come. It was that connectivity promised by the fiber optic technology that Bohol was banking on to attract business process outsourcing (BPO) companies to locate in Bohol. It was the last remaining barrier to Bohol’s claim to the economic bounty of BPO. One BPO locator in Bohol means thousands of jobs for the Boholanos who need not get out of the province to look for good paying jobs.
    Unfortunately that promised economic opportunity has remained elusive up to this time. Worse, connectivity has deteriorated such that netizens already howled in protest. Some complain of slow internet connection while others said they did not have any at all. In my case it is an “on and off” connection. Akamai, a U.S. based provider said the Philippines has only an average of 2.1 MBPS (megabits per second) and that is not much or helpful for those who rely on internet to earn their living.
    Let’s hope PLDT will be around during the general meeting of BiCTC on February 21, 2015 to give us an update on what ails the DFON project in Bohol.
    NOTES. Board Member Freda Tirol of the third District of Bohol has expressed her sentiments during the session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan last week against EDCOM’s (Effective Development Communication) seemingly leaving out the SP in their information dissemination programs especially on the radio. I would like to suggest to my good friend, Kagawad Freda to designate an information officer for the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. This will eliminate any gap on the dissemination of valuable information that the public should know about the SP and it programs and activities. This way th SP need not depend upon EDCOM for its media relation and information dissemination.

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    walay lain network na mapilian? what about Globe?
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