PLDT can't deny it. They are really getting low in terms of sales. thus they can't handle anymore assets and liabilities. Thus firing many employees could help them saved revenues.

Well, sa sugod palang na si MVP ang ga handle kay ga pala2x na ang income sa PLDT. Aside sa income kay binuang napud kaayo ang service nila. Mangawat ug load, hina ang internet, andmore...

I have a family friend of mine who has been working for PLDT in the last 20 years, and yes, the MRP is true, they have been offered early retirement plans but I never knew there was an offer as short as 5 years. Life is tough in the Philippines, and PLDT’s MRP program is a smart tactic to throw off an employee of the rails. Think of it, if the company has more contractual workers compared to their regulars, they can easily save the company fortunes.

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