Thread: Man-made beauty in Biliran...(and at whose expense?)

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  1. Default Man-made beauty in Biliran...(and at whose expense?) 
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    very informative.. thanks pinoyisip
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  3. Default Man-made beauty in Biliran at the expense of the taxpayers 
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    As all Biliranons know, Gov. Espina has been promoting Biliran Province as a tourist destination (kaya nga they've put up the Biliran Garden). One of the tourist spot being promoted is the Tinago Falls in Brgy. Cabibihan, Caibiran. But, por dios por santo, the road to this tourist spot had to be developed first. Gov naman, paki una muna ang mga mapapakinabangan ni Juan dela Cruz, saka na muna ang mga white elephants na yan.

    Oh by the way, i found out that your an eloquent speaker, lalo na pala pag "naka inom" ka! Beliba! To substantiate this observation, i was in Caibiran that night.

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    As for myself, i have tried to stay in this hotel or place, it doesnt concern me who is the owner. I will say one of the best in our town, the food is good the service is prompt. I will say a bit professional service I got,, and peaceful. the only concern is the road way to come up there bako bako..Marvins is also nice they only need to improve a bit with the service ( sorry Mana Melba I love you) then I can say Marvin is Best kong maayos service at food quality..Sa Pinoy pina ka maayos na ang Marvins sa lugar natin..But in the case of foreigners kasi you have to blend or met even a bit with the expectations, di kasi lahat ng foreigners magustuhan ang lutong Bisaya style. Please wala sanang magalit sa comment ko..We are promoting Biliran Island Tourism, so we need to be relevant. I am answering this forum in parehas ng laban..Kong i promote nato ang tourism we really need a good place to good hotels, more ATM services,,na di ka na moadto sa Tacluban or Ormoc para mokuha ug kwarta,,mahabang biyahe kaya yon,,then may isang ATM tayo kasing haba ng pila sa blocbusters na sine pipila ka mga 45 minutes to 1 hr pag minalas ka, ikaw na mag withdraw wala ng laman ang ATM,,aray kainit pa sa adlaw, kakapoy baya. Migo nice baya ning imong gipadala very relevant kaayo..basta tubag lang ko bahin sa tourism,,dili ko mag comment bahin sa kinsay tag-iya..para nako bisan kinsa pa tag-iya basta good service naman at nakabuti din sa tourism nato..okey lang,,ibang usapan na ang politics..
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