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    Arguing with your Boss is like wrestling with a pig in mud. After a
    while you realize that while you are getting dirty, the pig is actually
    enjoying it.

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    This is same story about Boss is always comes first:

    There are three company buddies walking along the beach then one of the guys found a lamp (sounds familiar?) Immediately he rub it with our thinking. Genie appeared...

    Genie: I will give you three wishes.

    Supervisor: Give me the best car, beautiful woman and a party in bahamas.

    Genie: Your wish is my command... twunkkkkkk blufffffffff.

    And the supervisor is in Bahamas.

    Manager: Me next...

    Genie: Three wishes please.

    Manager: Give me much better car more than you gave to supervisor, most beatiful woman, and a party in Brazil.

    Genie: Your wish is my command...twunkkkkk bluffffffff.

    And the manager is in Brazil.

    Genie: How about you?

    Vice President: Only one wish!

    Genie: Huh? One? Why?

    Vice President: Dont ask just comply!

    Genie: What is it?

    VP: Just return the two idiots back to their office.

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