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    * You hang on the back of a jeepney when it is full, or sit on top of it (like a pincushion).
    * You pay lagay with lagay.
    * You say "tsu" if a dog or a cat has to be chased away, and it is not a half sneeze.
    * You say "chit" if you want to pay in a restaurant or make the rectangular gesture with your thumb and index finger of both hands.
    * You beckon someone to come near with outstreched arm and move your hands and fingers up and down, in a scratching manner (compare how mga kano do it,quite the opposite).
    * You prefer white skin over brown (again the opposite of mga kano), and the mestizo baby is more admired.
    * You think you are from a higher class when your Ingalog is better than your Taglish.
    * You are crazy about thropies, medals, ribbons and first honour.
    * You are disappointed when a comedy series on tv doesn't end in a slapstick like romp.
    * You have a bell-nickname, Ding, Dong etc.
    * You prefer to live, when abroad, in San Francisco, because of the homelike threat of earthquakes.
    * You say you are a doctor, while in a matter of fact you are a condoctor.
    * You always write your names in fresh concrete when you get the chance.
    * You greet by asking: "Saan ka pupunta, " and greet back vaguely, "Bayan!"
    * You have the same name as a celebrity, Garcia, Ramos or Juan de la Cruz, f.i., and you are always a relative.
    * You carry water in a plastic container hung on a long bamboo pole with one end over your shoulder and on the other end little wheels cut out of slippers.
    * You use a tabo made from a red plastic oil bottle of which you cut the top to take a shower (also excellent as a bailer in a bangka).
    * You pull the pukot for a meal of dilis.
    * You believe in white ladies dwelling in a big tree (balita or accacia).
    * You comb your hair just before the ferry boat arrives on the pier.
    * You swim with your clothes on.
    * You "mano po" to the head of the family.
    * You run for shelter when it starts raining with your hand on the top of your head.
    * You call to a kano: Hey Joe, what's your name? (And I answer: Hoy pinoy, hay pinay, my name is Joe!)
    * You ask impertinent questions to a kano like how often he does it at night.
    * You drink fresh tubo in the top of a palmtree with your friend out of one glass.
    * You carry an item, like for example a poundbag of sugar, on your flat hand next to your ear.
    * You can run fast on slippers and faster with the slippers in your hand.
    * You roll up your T-shirt when it is warm to show your belly (for males only).
    * You smoke a cigarette with the burning end inside your mouth (for old ladies only).
    * You drink with one glass from a pitcher, filled with Red Horse beer and ginebra f.i., and eat pulutan with one fork when you are in a company of friends.
    * You lay down your bolo before entering a house.
    * You have illegal handguns in the house or carry a small revolver in your belt or underpants.
    * You call somebody who owes you a lot of money and fails to pay an "utang ina mo".
    * You are a Dutch-Filipino if you think that the Philippines was named after the bulbs manufacturer Philips

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    For me? Filipino is the most romantic person in the world lalo na pinay wow...

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