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    Friday, November 9, 2007

    The road mishap that claimed the life of Dulce Saguisag proves that while driving in the usual heavy traffic in Metro Manila can make people want to kill, the chances of dying actually increase when the roads are empty.

    And it reminds us of another fatal traffic incident years back involving an expatriate bank official who also died after his car was hit by a truck.

    The bank executive, probably still unused to the strange traffic rules of Manila, had been cruising in light traffic when he stopped on a yellow light. The truck behind him, which was also going at a fast clip because there were few vehicles on the road at the time, thought the car ahead would beat the light.

    The truck plowed into the car from behind, killing the bank officer immediately. The truck driver actually thought the guy in car was wrong, which was why he got killed.

    Metro Manila traffic is something we all have to live with during the rush hour. But when there’s no traffic, driving is truly deadly.

    * * *

    The editorial on the other side of this page makes a strong case for disregarding the call for yet another group to get involved in the investigation of the Oct. 19 explosion at the Glorietta 2 mall in Makati. To it, we add this e-mail from a regular reader from the US, Pepeton:

    What is needed to solve the mystery about the cause of explosion?

    A hard decision is what is needed. The one that has to be made. All the evidence needed to make that decision are on hand.

    The idea of letting another group, a so-called “business bloc” concerned about reputations and perceptions is a stupid idea. It will serve no purpose but to delay, politicize and obfuscate the facts of the explosion.

    The findings of both sides [mall operator Ayala Land and the police] do not jibe. Therefore, the solution is to get another group to be the investigators, jurors and judge?

    Really? Check this out. These businessmen are worried that the lack of resolution of the explosion would send the wrong and unnerving message of instability in the Philippines, if it will be shown that the explosion, in fact, was caused because of the failure of the leading conglomerate in residential, industrial and commercial real estate developments to provide safe, healthy and sanitary sewer systems and waste disposal management.

    To reinforce their credibility they recruited and dropped all sorts of names of people who would make up the network of impartial, objective, honest, professionals and individuals with integrity.

    Somebody forgot something. How about experience, skill, and training in investigative work? In analyzing causes of explosion? Further, since the area where the explosion occurred has not been secured or protected from unauthorized personnel and political kibitzers, how and why would the quality of the investigative work of this business group be more credible?

    Besides, who selected these people, and by what right and authority do they arrogate unto themselves the responsibility of determining who or what caused the explosion and offering their findings as the more credible and therefore the final one?

    Why doesn’t the PNP just file its report and take proper action pursuant to that report, and do away with all these?

    Let’s entertain ourselves for a brief moment here. I am willing to wager what the outcome of this report will be. The cause “cannot be readily determined on the basis of the (limited) evidence presented; some evidence have been tampered with, others lost and damaged.”

    But the group ardently recommends further investigation into the condition of the sewer systems and waste disposal management, to avert any similar unexplainable explosions in the future.

    Meanwhile, what happens to the family of the 11 victims who were killed? And the hundreds who were injured? Will Ayala now have a photo-op to announce that: “Notwithstanding the fact that the findings of the independent body has been inconclusive as to the proximate cause of the explosion, we commiserate with the surviving families of those who perished from the unfortunate accident. And we have passed a board resolution to help the surviving families and those injured, with donations from ALI and a mass of thanksgiving at the Santuario de San Antonio. ALI will also host a dinner for them at the Fort Bonifacio. May God protect all of us. Amen.”?

    On the other hand, here is reality. The longer it takes for the legitimate authorities to spring into action and resolve this contrived mystery as to the proximate cause of the explosion, the more time, breadth and depth of opportunities it gives left wing militants, fundamentalists, anarchists, communists and terrorists, to stage diversionary bombings throughout Metro Manila and the rest of the country (precisely to create confusion and havoc, unrest and nervousness).

    Stop this probe by the business group. They are not qualified to get involved and be engaged in investigative work. Let the legitimate authorities do their job.

    If the legitimate authorities determine finally that they have a case against Ayala, let them file the case in court, if Ayala refuses to cooperate extra-judicially. Then Ayala can hire all the best lawyers and bomb experts and consultants that their funds and resources can afford. As for these wannabe good Samaritans, this group of “conscientious and moral and legal” businessmen... tigilan na ninyo ang kaartehan.

    This is not a stage upon which you can strut and fret. A lot of people died and were hurt at Glorietta. Show some respect and compassion.


    Nasanay na kasi ang mga manila motorist sa traffic kaya paharurot ng walang pangundangan pag medyo nakasilip ng maluwag <sa bisaya pa "kurat" or natagaw> they even try to bet traffic light tsk tsk tsk, thats how I experienced when I go to manila by car. Mayron pa silang term na ngusoan or barakuhan...unahan sa pagpasok grrrrr.
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