History of Almeria

The first emigrants of Almeria came from Jagna, Bohol. Their great grandparents traveled bound for Oquino, somewhere in Samar Island, purposely to visit their parents and relatives. On the course of their trip they met a strong typhoon, so they were forced to find a haven for their safety and landed on a place which they did not know.

In their stay while waiting for a fair weather they liked very much the place having a very fertile soil suitable for farming, so they decided to discontinue their journey. Because they felt that this is a better place to live in, they started building their houses and tilled the land for their living.

In 1834, a missionary was sent from Almeria, Spain (presently one of the beautiful cities in Spain) composed of Spanish soldiers who went around in an inspection trip to the Visayan Island. The Spaniards like this place so much that they made a strong recommendation to the Church and Military Authorities that a watch tower be erected on the same place.

Later, when the missionary came back to the place, they decided to build a watch tower at the top of Baluarte Hill. Thru the missionary’s representation to the spanish Government, the Governo Militar de Leyte issued a decree naming the place Pueblo de Almeria, in honor of the Birthplace of the discoverer, the missionary from Almeria Spain. Thus, the Municipality of Almeria derived its name.

Almeria was one of the barangays of the Municipality of Kawayan. Later on September 1, 1948, Executive Order No. 162 was issued by then President Elpidio Quirino naming Barangay Almeria as one single local government unit to be called as the Municipality of Almeria.

The Municipality of Almeria is located on the West Coast of Biliran Island, bounded on the North by the Municipality of Kawayan ; on the south by the Municipality of Culaba; and on the west by Biliran strait with a total area of 65.69 sq. km. Presently, the Municipality of Almeria consists of 13 barangays which includes the Barangay Poblacion.

Endowed with a very rich natural resources and tourist spots consisting of water falls, such as the Tungauihan Falls and Bagongbong Falls in Barangay Iyusan; Kinaraha Spring; and the Agta Beach Resort in Brgy. Talahid. Having an abundant supply of water, the Municipality of Almeria has its own rice terraces overlooking the whole Municipality located in Sitio Barubohan, Barangay Iyusan.

Attuned with the land are the beautiful and hospitable people of the Municipality whose bright smiles and warm welcome fittingly complement the enchanting land.

The most unforgettable experience will be the exuberant faces of the people of Almeria.

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