History of Caibiran

The town of Caibiran started from a group of immigrants from Leyte mainland. They settled near the mouth of the river four kilometers from the present town site. The river was teeming with a fish and abounded with lizards called “Ibid” which suggested the name Caibiran ( a place where there are plenty of “Ibid” ).

Caibiran gained the status of a pueblo. Erected were a limestone church and a watchtower . One day, due to excessive rains, the river overflowed its banks and destroyed the town, claiming lives and properties. Caibiran lived under the threat of the river.

In 1882, Captain Bebiano Maderazo led the people to a new site. The new settlement became a town while the previous site became a barrio of “Binongohan” meaning the place where the river overflowed its bank.

In 1950 part of the bounderies of Caibiran were incorporated into the other new municipalities. Three Barrios in the north were annexed to Kawayan. Culaba took with her a number a barrios and three southern barrios went to Cabucgayan.

Administration has been in succession since 1883 by seven “Capitanes”, seven “Presidentes” and ten Municipal Mayors.

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